Coaching and Editing

Mixed in with my writing over the past 4 years, I’ve been teaching at a private high school. For 3 years, I taught Creative Writing; last year I added sophomore English, American Literature and British Literature.

I found that I LOVED working with young people–such a refreshing change from the intense media world.

I am not teaching any longer, but I want to keep my connection with young people. I’m offering my services as a writing coach and English tutor. As a writing coach, I can help students (or adults for that matter) with their creative writing projects OR with their college essays.

Here is more information on how I work, plus my rates for various services.


To help high school students learn the basics of engaging writing and teach them how to develop highly readable college essays that reveal their true character and goals.


Standard 2-editing passes with comments: $200

Student sends me a draft of the essay and I read over it with suggestions for improvement and for grammar and punctuation. Student sends me revise for further comments and copy-editing.

Extra round of editing add-on: $50

In-person or on-phone meeting about essays: $80 per hour, one hour minimum

Two essays for standard 2-editing passes with comments: $350

Three essays for standard 2-editing passes with comments: $450

***20% discount if you send me your first essay before Sept. 30th***



This option features more in-depth attention and instruction. I use my background as a reporter/interviewer to help elicit from each student key anecdotes and experiences that can become the basis for a good college essay. I will share my specific ideas on writing a successful essay, such as: 13 ways to start an essay, 3 ways to end an essay and my diagram for the most efficient and readable essay structure. After discussing my thoughts on how to craft the essay, the student will write a rough draft. I will then edit and return the draft to student with comments and copy-editing. I will also review student’s second draft.

One essay: $400

Two essays: $600

Three essays: $750

***20% discount if we start our sessions before Sept. 30th***



I work with students on their creative writing projects–either short stories, novels or memoirs–giving them feedback and direction. Typically the student reads their work to me and I will make general comments on what is working and not working. I will also offer some copy editing, but mainly these sessions are focused on plot and character development, dialogue, language use, structure, streamlining the text, plus building and keeping reader interest. I sometimes assign reading in books on writing, if I think it will help the student overcome an obstacle.

Hourly session: $80

***Discount if paying for four or more sessions in advance.***